August 18, 2018

I am a to-do list

My life is an endless stream of to-do items.

The energy I get from eating and sleeping is solely directed towards accomplishing my to-do list.

In my eyes, the world is divided in two parts: what’s on my to-do list and what’s not. Anything inside my to-do list is a worthy of my attention. Anything outside the boundaries of the to-do list is a distraction.  

Ticking off the to-do list provides me with a deep sense of self-realization. Yes, I’m becoming a better self, one to-do item at a time. The to-do list is the most powerful form of lists. I am a list execution machine. I am a to-do list. 

Lists of lists

But I can’t help it, I Love Lists. I’m not the only one: rankings, the box office, polls, the constitution, “these 7 ways entrepreneurs are making millions”, reminders, grocery lists. Since I put everything in lists, let me show you a list of all the forms of lists available, at your disposal:

  • a to-do list
  • a box office
  • a checklist
  • a grocery list
  • a bucket list
  • a resume
  • a list of list of lists (thank you wikipedia)
  • a bibliography
  • a blacklist
  • a calendar
  • a waiting list
  • a table
  • a shortlist
  • a setlist
  • a mailing list
  • a league
  • a ranking
  • a hitlist
  • a glossary
  • an index
  • a laundry list

I make lists of list, with an index, that is a list.

  • I list the past in my resume.
  • I list the present  in to-do list.
  • I list the future in bucket lists.

If I like you, you’ll be listicled in one of my lists. Idols, best friends, blacklists, people from Barcelona, people from Paris. You’re probably there. I have a list of companies I like, projects I want to start, books I want to read, habits I’m trying to take, gift ideas, blog posts to write. I have a list of all the things I own (it’s not a long list). The homepage of this blog is a list you didn't even realize. I have a list for everything.

Why lists are awesome

I could list virtues, but I’d rather describe the virtues of a list.
To list is to curate. It’s to make sense of the world. It’s to synthesize. It’s to organize. It’s to focus. To list you need to abstract, to understand root causes. Ordered lists provides hierarchy which gives even more interesting lists. I fight the chaos of the world a list at a time.

It’s the listlife.

PS: I work on weblist.

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